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Reference 902 - Varese

In northern Italy, in the province of Varese, in an area well served and very accessible, close to the border with Switzerland, for sale wonderful riding school for twenty horses, very modern and in perfect working condition. The property area measures approximately 38,000 square meters, of which about 14,000 square meters of woodland, and 24,000 square meters of lawn, uncultivated production and arable land. The agrarian context is of environmental and landscape interest, with vast flat lands surrounded by woods. The riding school extends over 13,945 square meters, and has several rooms with support functions for horse racing. On the ground floor there are rooms for horse boxes, various porches, fences, offices, services, meeting room, barns, saddlery, and technical rooms for a total of about 1,010 square meters of covered area, while upstairs there are around 200 square meters per house , dressing room and hallway. The technical systems are of a high technological level, the building structures are brand new and functionally articulated, the existing reception areas have been designed for a further strengthening of the activities. Excellent vehicle accessibility and convenient location of private parking spaces in the property.

ENERGY CLASSIFICATION:Classe energetica A1, EP gli, nren 125,74 kwh/mq anno

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