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The Golden Key Real Estate is the only Italian real estate
The Golden Key Real Estate is the only Italian real estate agency with headquarters in Stresa (Piedmont), an office in Shanghai (China), an office in Moscow (Russia 007.495.6402702 phone). Unique Real Estate Italo Italo-Chinese-Russian and that gives you the opportunity to sell real estate to the Russian market and the Chinese market. The Golden Key Real Estate Agency, with Iryna Herasymenko owner, has years of esperinza in real estatethrough the agency's employees, including the arch. Renato Scarano. By entrusting the sale of your propertyGolden Key Real Estate Agency you can advertise your property directly on the housing market RUSSIAN,CHINESE through our offices and our publications on foreign search engines. This is the real estate agency competent to do business with real estate buyers Russians, Chinese and Eastern European countries. Our office in Moscow (Russia) is a valuable reference point for all the Russians who are looking for a valuable property in Italy; Our office in Shanghai Qingpu (China) is a valid point of reference for Chinese entrepreneurs who are looking for a property or a valuable economic activity in Italy; We present the Russian magazines (OknovItaliu; International Property Magazine, Vedomosti Niedvijemost, Galieria Niedvijemosti), the most important exhibitions held in Russia and Eastern Europe dedicated to thereal estate world. Visit our website in Russian and our site in Chinese . Contact our office 032.255395 Italian, Italian or russia mobile: 338.6195786, 336.798569, or e-mail to the following: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
Strong increase in sales Russians and Chinese customers
The severe restrictions on the purchase of new real estate market, introduced last year by the Chinese authorities, have increased significantly the number of private investors and Chinese who go abroad for the purchase of property for development of real estate projects. According to DTZ, a company of real estate experience in London, the percentage of Chinese who buy homes in London has risen from 3 to 10 percent last year. The same phenomenon was recorded in the most frequented by the Chinese markets: Canada, Australia and Singapore, in turn, in all other countries with predicted double again this year. In addition to restrictions on the purchase of second homes, is the strong appreciation of local currency, the Renminbi, to give further impetus to buy abroad: Euro fact the RMB has appreciated in a year by over 15%. The combination of these two factors creates exceptionally favorable conditions for foreign purchases, as evidenced by the success of the exhibition entitled "Luxury Property Shows", the event dedicated exclusively to Chinese investment abroad. The interest of China to Italy is very high and this is the time to approach the Chinese market, where the Italian supply is still low. Our Real Estate participates in meetings of the "Luxury Property Shows" in Beijing (20-22 April), Shanghai (October) and Chengdu (December), in order to promote knowledge of investment opportunities between our countries.
News the advance of the Chinese economy in Europe
The advance of the Chinese economy in Europe is becoming increasingly important, says the journalist Franca Roiatti. In 2011 the global expansion of Chinese companies has suffered a setback, but not in Europe, where investment rose from 3.15 billion euros in 2010 to nearly 8.0 billion euros. To certify it is A Capital , one of the largest private equity funds that accompanies the adventure of the Republic of China. According to the Invitalia, the Chinese presence in our country has intensified from 39 to 75 acquisitions, mostly concentrated in Lombardy, Piedmont and Veneto. In 2010 we were in ninth place among European destinations, but not all investments are recorded by the Ministry of Foreign Trade in Beijing, so difficult to get a complete picture. Certainly the focus on our country is growing. This is demonstrated by the blows he scored at the beginning of 2012. The latest was announced February 14: The Car Luxury investment, the Italian company of the fund in Hong Kong Hote York, has acquired control of the De Tomaso, historical brand of the car, found in 2009 by the family Rossignolo. "This is not extemporaneous" said Antonio Laspina, director of the Beijing Ice, "respond to a specific growth strategy: to acquire Italian brands of prestige and, thanks to financial resources to ramp up production to win market Chinese. " The exemplary case of the yacht, the giant state-Weichai Shandong Heavy Industries Group has bought in January, the Ferretti shipyards in Forlì with a goal: "The group is based in the region designated by the government as a hub of boating," says Laspina "so he bought too a French diesel engines. " Behind the shopping made in Italy so there is the whim of an oligarch, but careful planning that starts from the highest level. "Innovation has become the paradigm obsessive" added Giuliano Noci, vice chancellor of the Chinese territorial pole at the Politecnico di Milano. "There are 170 companies authorized to do operations in Italy. In addition to the brand looking for a well established network of contacts and know-how. But not to steal it and leave. Managers understand that being here is a creative way to breathe. "

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