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Circular: Personal Details – Conditions and Terms of Use,

Article 13, legislative decree, no. 196


Personal Details
The information in question of those present, concerning personal details, is subject to special conditions of use by real estate agency Golden Key.
You can access houses for sale via the site or by phone, fax, email etc.
At any time it is possible to inform the research department of changes to your personal details, as laid down in article 7 of laws 196/03 e s.m.i.
Details of conditions
The details will be dealt with both manually and electronically, either way they will be handled with discretion and in a confidential nature. Both systems that we use ensure that appropriate security and privacy measures are taken in order to prevent the loss of details and prevent access by unauthorized users.
The purpose of the information
The information real estate agency Golden Key receives will be used to:
- enable us to offer a personalised service to our clients
- send any relative requested information to real estate agency Golden Key and current available products.
- keep clients up to date with new offers on products and services.
- manage the financial and administrative relations.
Those to whom details can be communicated to and circulation limits
 The information can be communicated only in specific circumstances as stated above and to the below:
- employees and agency’s authorised personnel
- estate agents and those in collaboration with real estate agency Golden Key
- legal and notary’s offices who are involved in contract procedures (arbitration agreements, sale and purchase deeds etc.)
Rights of those involved
In accordance with Article 7 of the Code, except the information stated in this circular, you have the right to:
- to have confirmation that we have all your details.
- to update, correct or add to the details or to restrict/cancel any hold on any property in the case of violation of the law.
- to object to conditions as long as objections are legitimate. Or to object to advertising/sales material, market research and commercial communication.
Iryna Herasymenko, real estate agency Golden Key, is responsible for the conditions in which the personal details are treated. Real estate agency Golden Key – Via Edmondo De Amicis, 14 – 28838 Stresa (VB), Italy

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