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Sell ​​to buyers from Russia and China

The daily national economy "Il sole 24 ore", in his column "Italy in the World" on Feb. 5, 2013 had an article by Dario Aquaro and Luisanna Benfield, on the Chinese in Italy and their business case and purchase of real property.


The real estate? Better with an olive farm just a few days ago, in Beijing and Shanghai, was held the Seminar on investment real estate in Italy, organized by the organized by the World Capital in collaboration with the Italian Embassy in China. The message: the Italian real estate market is stable and offers great prospects for Chinese investors. "The real estate is not just for the wealthy Chinese - said Antonino Laspina, the coordinator of the ICE offices in China - but also for Chinese companies who want to settle in Italy." True. But just to wealthy Chinese are turning many real estate agencies. The Golden Key, for example, specializes in the sales of luxury real estate. The owner Iryna Herasymenko worked for several years with the Russians interested in the Ligurian or Tuscan villas, or overlooking the lakes. "Since last year, however, we are also open to the question of the Chinese, at the request of the Italian sellers' says architect and collaborator Renato Scarano. The potential Russian buyer that caters to the Italian real estate market looking for a second home usually fine. "The Chinese buyer is instead often a businessman pointing to manufacturing companies" made in Italy "." The olive grove and vineyard, in addition to the property luxurious. "In China it is very fashionable Italian DOC wine, as well as oil. Entrepreneurs ask bottling companies, treatment, mark. So we accompany them between farms of Tuscany, Umbria, Marche. "

 The Italian property market has become, starting from the year 2003, a destination increasingly popular with Russian buyers and, more recently, even by Chinese buyers.
    Over the past decade, the Russian economy has experienced a period of great expansion, which led to the emergence of huge personal assets and the formation of an upper-middle class high standard of living. He also brought forth, for many Russians, consumption patterns, very demanding. Italy has won the Russian market with products of high fashion, and has become the favorite holiday destination for the new economic elites in Russia today.
More recently, the new rich in China has begun to show interest in Italy, Italian culture and products for the elite of "Made in Italy".
  The high number of wealthy Russians, who have come to know and appreciate Italy and from the point of turistic view, from the point of view of the shopping elite, has consequently led to the development of a growing housing demand.
This question is particularly strong in the upper and upper-middle segments of the market is mainly concentrated in the areas of tourism value and landscape of sea, lakes and mountain scenery and the historic centers of large cities.
This affects housing demand for second homes and beach holiday in the countryside, the residences in the ski resorts, the apartments of high-level cities like
Rome, Venice, Florence and Milan. Even the historic houses and estates, especially in Tuscany
, for residential and representation, are very welcome.
   The potential buyer turns to Russian Italian property market is usually an entrepreneur looking for a second home of value, as quiet and safe, where is she based the privacy of every comfort.
 The potential buyer of China that caters to the Italian property market is usually an entrepreneur looking for manufacturing companies under the trademark "Made in Italy", and not only a valuable second home.
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