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Under the laws of Italy, the citizens of Russia and the CIS, China, India and many other countries have the right to buy the company in this country or the opening of the new firm, as business owners in its territory.

Registration of the company, the company in Italy - is a promising and profitable, as the Italian quality is always appreciated, including the Russian, Chinese and global markets.

Successful business in the Republic of Italy and the discovery of this company includes a full legalization in the country. Its initial phase is to obtain a residence permit, residence permit in Italy.

For a company that manages the Russians, Chinese citizens, the market is very attractive in Italy.

Objects of business in Italy restaurant, hotel, shop - in particular those that are located on the shores of the sea, have high profitability, and often offers stability and a good profit.

It is noteworthy that the Russians, who are residents of Italy, having in possession of the Italian firm can count on the subsidized loans, as well as other concessions from the state.

Our employees are able to successfully search for any Italian property.

Fairly be called a promising activity, which is associated with the acquisition of existing companies in the fashion industry, manufacture of wine, Italian goods and products with brand "made in Italy".

Our agency has in its database known Italian companies - manufacturers of famous brands of high fashion, wine, gastronomy, which are in search of companyAbout to continue the work of the original Italnskoy Mark.

 A company in Italy (registration of companies in Italy)

The most common form of incorporation, which recorded the Italian company - LLC, in Italy it is called Srl (SosietĂ  ResponsabilitĂ  Limitata). The volume of capital here - 20 000 euros. In the founders may make both legal and physical persons. Prerequisite is the existence of a real legal address. As in other European countries, the share capital of Italian company used for its activities.

If S.r.l. includes only one member, at the time registration of a company wholly owned by the payment of capital ponent. With a larger number of founders at this stage you can pay 30% of the total. But, anyway, when the company will be increased, the share capital must be on hand in full. Company are entered in the general register of the place of her official residence.

Open and register a company in Italy is easy by reliable employees Golden Key.

From most European countries Italy is no need to distinguish foreign entrepreneur to prove that his company was profitable for the state. Mandatory conditions show that the minimum subsistence income, which currently stands at around 5,500 euros. Business has nothing to do with immigration policy, but should provide a living wage for its administrators.

Among our fellow citizens in recent years have seen interest in the business at ski resorts, which is associated with renting a chalet in Italy, as well as Renting commercial and residential real estate projects.

In addition to rent a property in Italy is very advantageous in the summer, if all to provide in advance. It offers successful business, the company Golden Key has a special offer: discovery, registration of companies in Italy to obtain permanent residence for the entrepreneur and his family.


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