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The Golden Key Real Estate is the only Italian real estate agency with headquarters in Stresa (Piedmont), in Tuscany, Torre Del Lago Puccini,Viareggio (LU) an office in Shanghai (China), an office in Moscow (Russia (007) 495.640-27-02 phone).
Unique Real Estate Italo Italo-Chinese-Russian and that gives you the opportunity to sell real estate to the Russian market and the Chinese market.
The Golden Key Real Estate Agency, with Iryna Herasymenko owner, has years of esperinza in real estatethrough the agency's employees, including the arch. Renato Scarano. By entrusting the sale of your propertyGolden Key Real Estate Agency you can advertise your property directly on the housing market RUSSIAN,CHINESE and AMERICAN (USA) through our offices and our publications on foreign search engines. This is the real estate agency competent to do business with real estate buyers Russians, Chinese and Eastern European countries.
Our office in Moscow (Russia) is a valuable reference point for all the Russians who are looking for a valuableproperty in Italy;
Our office in Shanghai Qingpu (China) is a valid point of reference for Chinese entrepreneurs who are looking for a property or a valuable economic activity in Italy;
We present the Russian magazines (OknovItaliu; International Property Magazine, Vedomosti Niedvijemost;Galieria Niedvijemosti), the most important exhibitions held in Russia and Eastern Europe dedicated to thereal estate world.
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Golden Key Estate Agency is specialized in the sale of prestigious Italian properties located in tourist areas of greatest fascination and attraction, including villas and cottages overlooking the sea in Liguria and Tuscany, castles, luxury apartments, hamlets and farms Tuscany, Umbria, Marche. Also deals with the sale of luxury villas on Lake Maggiore, Lake Garda and Lake Como. It appeals to a primarily Italian and foreign customers of the Russian language. The Agency shall ensure the selected products and attentive service offered in the language chosen by the customer. Experts from the Italian property market, we promote the most exclusive property on the Russian market and Eastern Europe. Our customers, especially selected and trained, we appreciate for its absolute discretion, professionalism and confidentiality with which we operate. The Golden Key Estate Agency operates in Italy and abroad, in the sale of luxury properties through its own network of selected partners in Russia, Estonia, Ukraine, England and Czech republic. The real estate agency is headquarters located in the center of Stresa, on the western shore of Lake Maggiore. The estate agency Golden Key uses professional staff, taking advantage of the collaboration of University of Architecture and Accountants. The estate agency Golden Key offers for sale villas, houses, apartments, cottages, hotels, commercial, craft, industrial Italian tourist areas overlooking the sea coast of Tuscany and Liguria and large lakes of northern Italy.

Trade language spoken:
English - Italian - Russian - Ukrainian.

We take special care in checking every aspect of ownership, rights, easements active and passive, full regular commercial, administrative building and planning.
The estate agency Golden Key of Iryna Herasymenko, with the site, specializes in real estate value, ancient villas and cottages on Lake Maggiore, Lake Como, Lake Garda, Tuscany and Liguria and in the most prestigious Italian localities. The offer extends from luxury properties, offices and showrooms, shopping areas located in areas of high vehicular accessibility of northern Italy. Each property is placed in the sites of properties that are about 800,000 visits per year, and a network of estate agents in Italy, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Russian Federation, Estonia. The data base represents a value of more than 320 million properties for sale.
Iryna Herasymenko, an Italian national, began his real estate business in Novara in 2002, dealing with the sale of prestigious villas located along the coast of Liguria and Tuscany. In 2004 opened the office of Stresa for the real estate market will also pursue the prestige of Lake Maggiore. In 2006, expands its sales organization sell on the Italian market, not only residential properties, indicating a coordinated interdisciplinary collaboration with experts from various fields. In 2008 the formation of a staff of employees in the fields of urbanism, architecture, economics, financial, fiscal management, corporate governance, a strengthened sales activities of important items to entrepreneurs Russia and Estonia. Carefully selecting a quality product and tailored to the specific needs of international customers, and transparency in the negotiations are on the market separately accredited in business for reliability and professional seriousness.


Agenzia Immobiliare Chiave D'Oro
288238- Stresa (VB)
Via Edmondo De Amicis, 14
Tel/Fax +39 0322-255395
Cell. +39 338-6195786
Tel. Mosca +7 (495) 640-27-02
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